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kvm-tec launches 4K Ultraline Extender

Receiving its world premiere at ISE, the 4K Ultraline Extender is being billed by kvm-tec as a 4K revolution.

Dietmar Pfurtscheller, CEO at kvm-tec, said: “We specially chose ISE 2018 to introduce our brand new 4K Ultraline Extender to the public for the first time.”

Ultra high resolution of up to 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz with ‘perfect’ colour coding with 4:4:4 at 8 bits per colour, means a true 4K experience is possible with the device, says the company. Over long distances, a fibre version of the product is available; the kvm-tec 4K Ultraline Extender handles distances up to 120km and is optimised for all signals including DP1.2 and USB 2.0.

Additionally, the kvm-tec security feature, USB save, prevents the intrusion of computer viruses via the interface by disabling mass storage device support.

With its Matrix Switching System upgrade code, the 4K Ultraline Extender can be used with a standard 10G network switch to create a full KVM matrix switching system without any additional hardware. The intelligent kvm-tec Switching Manager provides easy management of all KVM extenders in the matrix switching system, says the company.

Stand: 14-M165