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Eelectron: KNX solutions for residential spaces

Italian company Eelectron manufactures KNX solutions for home and building automation, with installations in over 72 countries and 23,000 hotel rooms equipped with its hotel guest room management system and lighting controls.

The company’s entire Eelecta range, which sees Eelectron move towards residential application and intelligent interfaces for KNX control, is on show. The range focuses on the iconisation of complex functions and the interaction with end users, with a unique aesthetic paradigm. This range allows complex functions to be controlled using simple icons and comprises the HomePad, MiniPad and Miniswitch switches and the Eelecta Touch Panel.

Features include LED signalling, diagonal pressure sensing, short and long pressure sensing, a night mode LED and KNX interoperability.
The graphic surfaces of HomePad and MiniPad are fully customisable through the company website, with personal images, artworks, logos and function icons for long or
short presses.

The Eelecta range fits into small spaces and can be integrated with Eelectron’s iPad, iPhone and Android applications and interfaced with Eelectron’s range of DIN rail and in-wall actuators and glass switches, as well as the Synchronicity hotel guest room management line.