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KNX: Internet of Things is a reality

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a buzzword in the world of information technology, notes KNX, whose stand features 15 KNX members and two KNX training centres, all of which are showcasing their latest solutions.

As the organisation points out: what still remains to become part of the general knowledge of consumers at large is already well known in expert groups, with everyday objects becoming intelligent and communicating via the Internet. According to visionaries, KNX notes, by the year 2020, there are forecast to be some 50 trillion such objects.

But, says KNX, the Internet of Things is not still some theoretical concept, but has already become a reality – and for a long time, the KNX standard has formed part of this global IoT world. With the introduction of KNX Web Services (KNX IoT 1.0), KNX believes it underlines its leading position and opens up new ways for the operation and visualisation of KNX systems.

KNX projects can, says the organisation, be executed cost-efficiently and easily. It is also possible for a system integrator to design a project with ETS Professional and synchronise it later. Thereafter, the electrical installer maintains the project for his customer. ETS Inside has a further advantage, KNX believes: end customers can ask their electrical installer to unblock certain parameters in order to make small modifications themselves at any time. Thus, for example, they can modify dimming values, time schedules, light scenes and so on, adapting them to their own preferences without the need to call a professional.

Stand: 9-F170, 9-F160, 9-F150