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KNX boost for multi-user audio

Version 2.0 of the Revox Multiuser System has been enhanced with new functions and customising options.

The Swiss audio company says that thanks to personal profiles, each user can access their personal favourites everywhere in the house, whether from playlists on the audio server or from favourite internet radio stations. The Revox Multiuser System distributes the audio signals from central sources throughout the entire house over Ethernet, synchronised and in the highest audio CD quality.

The user-centric operating concept makes use of an app for iOS or Android to browse through content and to control the whole system. Revox also offers operation through a classic infrared remote control and customisable wall-mounted operator panels.

Audio streaming offerings such as Spotify or Deezer together with Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV can also be integrated in the multiuser system.

Thanks to a new KNX Gateway, the Revox Multiuser System can now be integrated into an intelligent building automation system. Light scenes, combined with appropriate sounds, can be called at the press of a button or greeting scenarios can be stored with the music that welcomes users to the house.

The Revox Multiuser System has four timers per room. The wake-up time, the day of the week, the source and the volume can all be configured individually by each user. The timers can also be activated or deactivated via KNX.

Stand: 7-N176