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Kiosk introduces a touch of class

An interactive touchscreen kiosk is making its debut, alongside the launch of an 80in G-Touch LED interactive touchscreen.

The kiosk, from UK manufacturer Genee World, incorporates an interactive touchscreen that can be loaded with existing or bespoke software.

With touch technology becoming more commonplace, the move represents Genee World’s plan to extend its reach into new markets.

The company says its technology is adaptable to many situations that require client check-in and booking.

Initially Genee Kiosks will be produced in three upright designs, which can be adapted and branded to customer specification. They will work in extreme temperatures and incorporate robust anti-glare and anti-reflective high-definition LED screens.

Ranjit Singh, CEO of Genee World, said: “Over the years we have become experts in the ever-expanding field of touchscreen technology, so adding the kiosk to our product portfolio is a natural step for Genee World.”

Genee World is offering its new LED touchscreen at the RRP price of £3,795, citing a high demand in the education and corporate sectors. The company is seeing an increase in organisations upgrading existing whiteboards and projector systems with interactive screens.

The 10-point touchscreen comes with the styling of the Genee Deluxe range and a seven-year warranty. It includes built-in Android OS, and is Windows and Mac compatible.