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Keypads control everything

Said to provide the ideal interface for control of any environment – teaching space, meeting room, collaboration or hospitality areas, for example – Keyboard Controllers from SY are designed to be an all-in-one solution for operating audiovisual and associated equipment.

Each button on the SY Keypad Controllers features a tri-colour LED to allow feedback colour or state to be programmed or changed on receipt of information back from the bi-directional serial ports. With a range of Keypad Controllers available, ‘V’ models also feature a Rotary Volume Control with level indication derived directly from the device being controlled.

SY Keypad Controllers feature soft touch buttons and a range of device connection ports suitable for both common and more advanced applications, and are said to be capable of being easily integrated into much larger systems using third party control processors. They feature bi-directional serial or infra-red ports, input detection ports, output ports for relay control, USB configuration, and low voltage power – making them, says the company, the most powerful devices available in their class. The SY Device Suite software provides a tool for configuring
the controllers.

An Ethernet option adds the power of network control to the keypad, allowing control of ten Ethernet-enabled devices. SY says that it will soon make available iOS and Android apps to enable easy management of larger deployments.

The keypads utilise standard UK and Euro fittings to reduce installation time and costs. They can be updated to account for systems changes or new equipment being attached and provide energy saving through automated power off routines to help reduce the total cost of ownership.

Stand: 1-Q65