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K-array goes for low visual impact

Even though it’s the largest system in K-array’s most discreet line, the Azimut- KAMUT2V25 – which is on show at ISE 2019 – has been designed for minimal visual impact.

Designed for applications where more power and a longer throw is required from an invisible profile, the system is composed of two 25cm-long Vyper-KV25 loudspeakers, an ultra-compact Truffle-KTR26 subwoofer, the Kommander-KA02 amplifier with a 4-channel Class D module, and a covert remote control.

In addition to balanced analogue inputs and fibre optical input, the KAMUT2V25 boasts plug and play capabilities with Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and mini jack input.

Onboard Spotify and web radio streaming is available.  The Azimut app connects over WiFi to manage all the functions of the amplifier, from sound source selection and playlist management to graphic equalisation and multi-room network setup. A wired remote control allows volume control and Bluetooth management.

The two Vyper-KV25 line array speakers contain four 1in cone drivers featuring Pure Array Technology. The high-efficiency drivers have a neodymium magnet and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer noise.

The rest of the system was designed to remain hidden from view. The Truffle-KTR26 subwoofer has a 12in-long cylindrical speaker box with two 6in speakers on each side, making it easy to hide on shelves or under tables.

The Kommander-KA02 amplifier can extend a configuration to up to two additional Vyper-KV25 loudspeakers, and when more rooms are equipped with the Azimut system, a LAN network can be created to control them all at once by selecting one system as master and the others as slaves.

Stand: 7-X223, 7-Y195