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Jocavi panels channel sound energy

Acoustic panel designer, Jovaci, will present two versions of its Mellowcloud curved-shaped acoustic panel. The DIP version is designed for multipurpose auditoriums and theatre halls, featuring fixed and suspended mounting options.

At ISE 2014, two versions of Jovaci’s Mellowcloud curved-shaped acoustic panel will be on show – one offering sound absorbent capabilities and the other performing acoustic diffusion duties.

Mellowcloud ABS is a mid-range frequency acoustic absorption panel aimed at ceiling applications in the acoustic construction industry. It consists of a rigid EPS body with a porous absorbent acoustic foam coated with fabric. It can be mounted on ceilings with a metal-wire system, aluminium frame or Jocavi mounting accessories.

Jocavi offers a standard model or a customised option for the panel. For the latter, a 3D application determines the best shape and size according to each special project, as well as the best array tilt and positioning, in order to ensure the best sound absorption in the room.

The Mellowcloud DIF is a one-dimensional curved shaped diffuser acoustic panel for multipurpose auditoriums and theatre halls. This product was designed to be suspended in ceilings or metal grids, but it can be also used as fixed or motorised acoustic shells.

Jocavi described it as a diffuser material that also provides a homogenous sound spectrum absorption and said it was intended to be applied in large area of application such as auditoriums, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and airports – places where acoustic treatment with a modular continuous surface is required. Mellowcloud DIF provides architects and designers with a wide latitude in curvilinear design and that shaping and curving the surfaces can improve the coverage of the sound diffusion.

Stand: 7-T215