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ISE 2017: Amina unveils Edge series invisible loudspeakers

Amina Sound has revealed a new generation of fully concealed loudspeakers ahead of ISE 2017.

Featuring a tapered perimeter, the ‘Amina Edge’ products use a dry-wall/dry-lining installation approach for new build or retrofit applications to create a powerful invisible sound source for installation within walls or ceilings. The range includes two models the Edge5 and Edge7 (pictured), the latter of which is claimed to produce efficiency of 93dB, 1W/1m.

The advanced material technology in the flat panel surface of the loudspeaker is the key element of the series, forming the musical sound board at the heart of Amina’s invisible speaker products and is critical in determining its efficiency and quality of audio output. The panel has to be stiff enough, and light enough to be acoustically efficient, yet has to have enough damping to allow it to reproduce extended low frequency energy. At the same time the material must have a hardness to it, otherwise high frequency reproduction will suffer.

Amina MD, Richard Newlove commented: “The appeal of an invisibly reproduced sound-stage is increasingly attracting the attention of designers, architects and clients, allowing the total preservation of the interior aesthetic whilst accessing the benefits of audiophile reproduction for music or cinema in the home or the commercial setting.”

The Amina Edge series sees the introduction of a new front panel material developed over the last four years in collaboration with a European composite specialist. The panel uses a high performance glass filled core making it stiff, light and damped, making it suited for high fidelity sound production.

Newlove added: “the material also has excellent fire retardant and low smoke and fume properties which is becoming an increasingly important requirement within the built environment.”

The Amina Edge7 is capable of handling 75W of continuous power for a peak power handling of 150W, which combined with 93dB 1W/1m efficiency provides audio quality with zero visual intrusion. Maximum achievable peak SPL is just under 115dB at 1m.

The Amina Edge5 is a simpler product suitable for less complex systems and can handle 50W continuous power, 100W peak. This is ideal for high volume price sensitive applications such as MDU’s, commercial and lower cost residential properties.

Once installed the Amina Edge product can be finished with paint, fabric or lightweight wallpaper.

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