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ISE 2014: Delta Displays launches new 52in LED videowall

Delta Displays’ new 52in WUXGA videowall has been designed for use in command and control rooms. The slim, lightweight display will be on show at ISE 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

A new 52in WUXGA (1920×1200) videowall for use in command and control rooms is being introduced by Delta Display at ISE 2014. The slim (<535mm depth), lightweight design is particularly suitable for today’s smaller, smarter control rooms.

It is claimed to offer increased performance with lower cost of ownership and energy savings, and boasts such features as: HQV Processing, multiple input and control options, and high contrast ratio using high-performance LED technology as its light source.

The unit is claimed to possess an extremely high MTBF (mean time between failures) of greater than 80,000 hours. It has built-in zoom, focus and lens shift to help to simplify geometry adjustment, while the Auto Geometric Alignment technology allows for precise geometric adjustments in different directions, with pixel-perfect alignment between individual cubes and the least possible human intervention.

The video wall also has automatic hot swappable power supplies, which ensure high transfer efficiency and reduce power consumption by more than 10% compared to standard cubes. The cooling mechanism based on the Heat Pipe Technology uses liquid vaporization phase change cycle architecture, in which the sealed liquid (pure water) circulates to draw heat away from the LEDs with no chance of any leakage.