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IPMX open standard emerging for AVoIP

There is now strong momentum behind IPMX, the emerging open standard protocol for AV-over-IP networks, according to Macnica, which has worked closely with the AIMS Alliance to drive IPMX product development and prepare hardware manufacturers for the standard once ratified. 

It has now unveiled an IPMX Development Kit with its latest full-stack AV-over-IP modules.

Andrew Starks, director of product management, Macnica and AIMS Alliance board member, said: “Macnica is all in on IPMX, which we believe is the standard that manufacturers, integrators and end users need to achieve truly engaging IP media experiences. IPMX is designed from the ground up to provide clear, simple interoperability and extreme flexibility with both hardware and software inside single facilities, across multiple campuses, and in the cloud.”

Macnica’s IPMX Development Kit includes key technologies and applications required for such systems, including sub-frame latency, USB extension, and outstanding UHD quality over 1GbE networks. 

The new Launch Kit supports the MPA1000 (for product prototypes) and ME10 SoC module (for larger production runs), to help developers evaluate how IPMX works with current and future products, and offer a reliable reference to the connections and configurations required for production.