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iPad in the Loop for retail

Viveroo is showcasing its iPad compatible mountings and housings in Hall 5.

The central focus of the stand is the Loop Table, a table that houses an iPad within a revolving housing, for use in sharing information in retail environments. The salesperson can spin the device around in a more elegant fashion to display pictures or price lists to the customer.

Michael Pelster, managing director, Viveroo, said: “People will use this as part of the sales process, for example in travel shops, where you can be shown the pictures of the travel destination. It’s a very refined [aid] to the communication process.”

Also on show are the Free wall mounts for iPads of various sizes, allowing the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini to be mounted on the wall. The steel housing can be mounted horizontally or vertically, on walls and furniture. It features an aluminium cover and has an optional locking system.

“The iPad is the control centre of your smart building,” said Pelster. “You need one place where the iPad is fixed. We can integrate LED lighting to the Free to alert you to the status of your smart building.”

Users can integrate more functions to the system with the help of the Smartbox, an installation box that has room to integrate a server, a WiFi hotspot and other components.

“This is a smart home-ready system,” said Pelster. “Everything is integrated for the complete installation.”

Stand: 5-S90