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Teleste IPTV piggybacks on TV cabling

New home automation products and distribution technology for the hospitality sector are on show at Teleste Corporation’s Hall 5 stand.

Teleste DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) is a new product that provides close to gigabit broadband speeds by using the same cabling that is already used for television.

Using the DAH, TV channels are broadcasted in the same TV network as before, but the technology further enables IPTV and OTT services, as well as smart applications via high-speed internet. The bandwidth can be divided evenly among all the guests, or some guests may be allocated with fixed capacity. The use of the coaxial cable
for broadband access ensures that there are high streaming bitrates and error free transmission necessary for video and IPTV service without the need for new cabling.

The home automation and control offering features Demopad’s bespoke software solutions, and hardware integration services. Teleste claims the CENTRO 8, for example, represents a quantum leap in home automation, bringing advanced automation capabilities ‘to the masses’.

It offers an affordable control processor and state of the art embedded software. The company claims it’s easy to get started working with DemoPad regardless of how much experience the installer has working with
control systems.

Teleste is also showcasing a UHD matrix and distribution solution from PureLink. The PM series chassis are fully 4K/ UHD compatible, with a full new range of UHD input/output cards and extenders.

Stand: 5-R117