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Introducing Voome Jade for digital signage

A new software platform for digital signage called Voome Jade is being introduced and demonstrated by Voome Networks.

Voome Jade is the evolution of the company’s previous Voome 4 release, which was introduced at ISE last year. Voome Jade is designed for faster, more flexible and easier use in all types of digital signage applications, including fashion retail, corporate communications, restaurants and bars, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality and outdoor.

Available in cloud or on-premise, Voome Jade offers an improved technological infrastructure, a responsive user interface, renewed graphics and enhanced features. It also offers the ability to rapidly and safely connect all data flows in real-time, automatically.

Compatible with the media players from SpinetiX and with the WebOS line-up of professional displays by LG Electronics, Voome Jade is scalable and allows the control of virtually infinite amounts of screens within a unique system.

Voome Jade is available in three editions to meet the requirements of different application scenarios: Standard Edition, Retail Edition and Corporate Edition.