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Introducing 75in imotion outdoor LCD signs

Intelligent all-in-one semi and full outdoor 75in imotion LCD displays are making their ISE debut at the Infinitus stand, where the imotionFLOW 75in portrait single side with full glass cover and LED backlit back side is on show.

The outdoor LCD company recently expanded its offer with seven new products, based on a 2,500 nit brightness and 5,000:1 contrast ratio 75in LCD panel. The price/quality ratio of this development is expected to appeal to DOOH advertising and other projects demanding largest format LCD panels.

Clients can choose between the imotionG6 and imotionFLOW technologies, both made to minimise after-purchase maintenance costs with advanced automatic call-on-site functionality. This feature summons owners to the location only when attention is needed, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

HVAC-based imotionG6 units are available in portrait/landscape and single/double side formats. These systems are said to create constant inner enclosure conditions (20-25ºC/68-77ºF) and offer a minimal bezel size of 90mm and 12mm glass-to-display distance.
While the imotionG6 operates between -40º and +55ºC (-40º to 131ºF), imotionFLOW technology is intended for direct sun-exposed public areas within the range of 25-40ºC (77-104ºF).

imotionFLOW ventilation cooled systems, best used in milder climates, and integrated solutions such as kiosks or in-wall integration, will be available in three options: freestanding portrait single side and wall-mounted portrait and landscape, with a bezel size of 100mm and 16mm glass to display distance.

The imotionFLOW product line utilises on-surface temperature-resistant LCD panels (up to 110ºC) and guarantees integrated components to safely operate within warranted operation temperature ranges, never exceeding 50ºC within the enclosure.