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Interface panels are modular

The IFP-600 series of modular interface panels from Singapore-based exhibitor ABtUS come in both UK (86mm x 86mm) and US (70mm x 114mm) single- and double-gang sizes that can hold one, two or four modules per plate respectively. ABtUS also offers a wide selection of modules for added flexibility.

From the common video signal I/Os of VGA, HDMI and display port, USB interactivity connections, power sockets to modular amplifiers, the company believes that users and installers are sure to be able to create a solution that meets their specific needs.

Another feature of these modules is that they come with an option to include an individual control button for each module. These control buttons are said to be convenient and simple to use. With just a touch of the button, users can switch around and toggle between inputs. The projector can even be turned on and off, the company notes, by simply pressing and holding the button.

Also on show is the AVC-HDA11/AP4 HDMI Audio Extractor which supports SPDIF (digital optical fibre and coaxial) audio output and also R/L (simulating the audio interface). It supports both 4K and 2K resolutions and HDMI input and output. HDCP-compliant, it is delivered in a wall-mountable metal enclosure with screws. It measures 150mm x 80mm x 30mm and weighs 290g.