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Intercom gets Smart to Tango

An Ethernet-based intercom matrix, flexible Smartpanel and hugely powerful switch are the key new products from Riedel at ISE 2015. The Tango TNG-200 intercom system is the company’s first fully networked platform, based on the AES67 and AVB standards, and can use public IP infrastructure, with full Quality of Service. Previously Riedel’s intercoms used a dedicated (coax or Cat5) network.

The new RSP-2318 Smartpanel has 18 programmable keys in 1RU and will be used for many other applications in future, but its first app turns it into a smart intercom panel, which works with all of Riedel’s intercom systems, including Artist, Tango, and Performer.

“Tango and Smartpanel are both new concepts for designing new products for Riedel, it means that customers only need to invest in one piece of hardware and can install further software applications,” explained Jens Miedek, director international sales.

The new 2RU MetroN fibre-based router supplements Riedel’s MediorNet real-time network platform, and offers 640GB real-time signal routing capacity, using its 64x10Gbps ports. “It’s the routing device for the MediorNet network of the future.” At the moment the switching capacity of a MediorNet frame is limited to 24×24 and 4.25Gbps. “To really build up a mesh network you need more switching power and routing capabilities,” he said.