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Interactive windows with AIRxTouch

iNUI Studio has chosen HUMElab to develop a fully integrated prototype device using its AIRxTouch gesture recognition technology, which will make its European debut at ISE 2015.
The aim of the prototype is to open the doors of the interactive windows market to those who were previously unable to enjoy them due to the limitations of projected capacitive technology.

It will enable the owners of double glazed ‘gas’ windows or armoured glass to communicate interactively with their customers. Banks, jewellers, watchmakers and manufacturers or distributors of luxury goods will be able to enrich their digital communications.

HUMElab AIRxTouch will enable traders in all Nordic, continental or mountainous regions to benefit from interactive windows, while in the past the demands of insulation hindered the workings of projected capacitive foils.
Also on show at ISE is the company’s new touch table, the Aviator, which has a brushed stainless steel frame and a mirror screen which gives it a retro look reminiscent of the fuselage of a ’50s bombing aircraft.

Made by hand in HUMElab workshops, Aviator incorporates a touch solution hosting up to 40 simultaneous points of contact and comes with design, integration and customisation options. This unique piece is destined for a tech-addict collector.