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Interactive camera-based Android signage

SoliDEyes is a digital signage solution that aims to boost sales by transmitting personalised, targeted information to prospective customers in an unobtrusive manner at the point of sale.

Various external sensors, such as cameras, NF/QR/barcode readers, touchscreens and so on, can be integrated into the management software. The built-in camera system recognises the age and gender of the passers-by and automatically shows relevant ads, which helps elicit a purchasing decision without pushing.

The user can design what pages will be loaded with what kind of content and how these pages follow each other. The displays can be centrally and individually controlled and the content can differ on each of them. Images, videos, customised animations, widgets, galleries, social media, dynamic weather, RSS/MRSS feeds, news, enterprise HTML5, emergency/CAP alerts, QR code, embed code, CRM content and more can be used.

SoliDEyes delivers personalised, targeted information on large signage monitors, TV screens, videowalls, tablets or mobile devices in an eye-catching manner. The solution, which can either be cloud based or on premise, offers a multi-user platform with any number of users per account, and a scheduling tool that allows comprehensive day-parting and calendar-based scheduling across individual displays or groups of displays.

Stand: 8-E282