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Innovation in presentation

For WolfVision, one of the prime benefits of the collision between AV and IT taking place is that it allows us to develop ‘best of both worlds’ solutions enabling the customer to combine ‘live’ presentation material using a visualiser camera, together with easy-to-access digital content material either from the cloud or from a personal device.

Our industry is getting very close now to meeting the customer need for unrestricted access to presentation content material – all formats, any device, from any location – together with the important ability to introduce ‘live’ presentation material using a visualiser camera when required.

The introduction of flipped classrooms and the growing popularity of MOOCs is leading to increasing demand for effective recording solutions in education. In addition to the large-scale lecture-capture installations found in many universities, there is also considerable interest in smaller scale standalone portable solutions, such as those based on our own visualiser systems.

These allow lecturers to make video recordings without the pressure of having to record ‘live’ in front of a student audience.

Feedback from customers is that a ‘digital content only’ approach does not best serve all users in every situation. For example, there are many universities worldwide still using traditional blackboards, particularly for mathematics and science classes, where complex theorems, proofs and derivations often need to be written out and explained.

After extensive university trials, WolfVision has just introduced a large size dry-erase working surface that when used with a Ceiling Visualizer, enables handwritten course content to be digitised, enlarged for on-screen display, and recorded for archiving and online use.

It is a simple solution, but one that that delivers real pedagogic value, and enables lecturers with more traditional requirements to leverage considerable benefit from the latest digital collaboration technologies.