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In-wall speakers for audiophiles

Two new flagship Controlled Performance in-wall models are being showcased by Monitor Audio. The CP-IW260X and CP-IW460X provide an introduction to the company’s latest drive-unit technologies in compact 3-way, 5-driver configurations. The units are built into closed-box designs to deliver what Monitor believes is the optimum combination of audio performance and near-invisible installation.

Created, says the company, for truly audiophile music and home theatre sound reproduction, the new models are said to offer high efficiency and power handling for class-leading sound pressure levels, combined with the dynamic wide-band response, deep bass extension and low distortion usually expected of specialised floor-standing speakers.

The CP-IW260X and CP-IW460X feature Monitor Audio’s C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/ Magnesium) cone material deployed in dual 6.5in bass drivers and twin 4in mids astride a tweeter in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration.

For the first time in a compact Monitor Audio in-wall speaker, the range-topping CP-IW460X employs a version of the high frequency ribbon transducer from the company’s Gold and flagship Platinum speaker lines. Being ultra-light and with no break-up, the ribbon is claimed to display extraordinary detail retrieval across a wide and linear response, which extends beyond 50KHz to reproduce what Monitor claims is perhaps the most neutral and natural high frequency performance available from any in-wall speaker design.

The ribbon can be rotated to accommodate horizontal and vertical installation.

Stand: 4-R75