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Immersive pit stop

Within the Immersive Technology Zone, curated by experiential designer Holovis, there are opportunities for those in the channel and end-users alike to understand more about these emerging platforms and how they can utilise or facilitate these developments.

The experiences range from singular immerse forms of engagement to those that can be shared by a group, inspiring end-users and showing the AV industry how they can support the development through complex set-ups.

While the Virtual Ball Pit might just seem like a ploy from Holovis to make you wave your arms around like a fool, it actually demonstrates spatial awareness linked with task-based learning in a virtual environment.

The user wears a headset and is then immersed in a virtual world where they have to clear all the balls from the pit. As they are doing this, the world that they are seeing is recreated in real time for the viewing public.

This link with the real world creates a secondary content design scenario and is furthering research into how space is tracked, measured and perceived in VR.

Once mastered, this will advance enterprise business scenarios through the ability to design complete solutions that transport guests into alternative realities, ideal for R&D by reducing costs, increasing accuracy and therefore saving time.

The Immersive Technology Zone is located in the Park Foyer, outside Hall 8