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Immerse yourself in LANG’s SOLUTIONS4AV

Visitors to the LANG stand can experience the latest immersive room technology from the company’s SOLUTIONS4AV brand.

According to LANG, immersive rooms allow entire groups to be wrapped within a single source of content, without the need for individual devices, such as virtual reality glasses. In fact, the company says, VR glasses can sometimes work against the event industry’s guiding principle of ‘experiencing media together’, by isolating users from each other.

SOLUTIONS4AV creates inclusive virtual environments: rooms in which the entire field of view is taken up with image rendering devices. These are designed to allow an immersive experience to be shared, while retaining the possibility of collaborative social interaction. Immersive rooms are suitable for numerous applications such as showrooms and research facilities as well as educational- and conference-rooms, the company says.

During the show 12 LG Wallpaper Displays 55EJ5D (installed flat and curved) in combination with the new radarTOUCHevo, a touch system based on IR laser TOUCH technology, are being launched. Shown alongside a customised version of primeTOUCH (with a bending radius of less than 3m), these technologies demonstrate the wide-ranging opportunities presented by immersive rooms, says LANG.

Stand: 1-H50