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iiyama keeps digital content visible

The 55in LH5510HSHB-B1 and 75in LH7510USHB-B1 high brightness displays from iiyama have been specifically designed to be sunlight readable

In very bright environments like shop windows with direct sunlight shining in, the content on regular brightness digital signage displays can be tough to see and read. There is even a chance of LED blackening as a result of direct sunlight operating on the display.

That is why the two new iiyama high-brightness displays, the 55in LH5510HSHB-B1 and the 75in LH7510USHB-B1, are specifically designed to be sunlight readable. It basically means the content on the screens remains sharp and clearly visible even with intense sunlight falling directly on the display. Furthermore, both screens are equipped with IPS M+ LED panels with a brightness up to 3,000cd/sqm that can handle direct sunlight without LED blackening effect even if the surrounding temperature rises to 110°C.

The 75in LH7510USHB-B1 offers 4K UHD resolution and comes with DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort signal inputs.

The 55in LH5510HSHB-B1 features Full HD resolution, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort signal inputs and a slim metal housing. It guarantees an ultra-low power consumption of 175W which is up to 50% lower than the industry average for high-brightness displays. It is an ideal screen for businesses that value energy efficient solutions.

Both screens come equipped with a RS232C control connector and can operate in 24/7 mode in both landscape and portrait orientation. They feature an ambient light sensor automatically adjusting the screens backlight brightness to compensate for an increase or decrease in environmental lighting conditions.

Stand: 8-G120