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Casio: Hybrid to the Core

A new projector model for 2015 designed to make its laser and LED hybrid light source technology accessible for projects of any scale, the Core from Casio is claimed to be ideal for replacing existing projectors installed in classrooms and meeting spaces.

Being completely lamp-free the Core brings the benefits associated with hybrid light source technology, and with neither lamps nor filters to change Casio says it has significantly reduced the power consumption and maintenance of its projectors.

Featuring brightness of 2,700 lumens, the projector can turn on and off in under eight seconds without a warming-up or cooling-down period.

“This new addition to our portfolio will expand the reach of our product base, ensuring that everyone can benefit from high-quality sustainable projection,” said Phil Clark, head of projection, Casio UK. “Casio pioneered this technology in 2010 and we are very excited to welcome this important new product into our line-up. Once you see it you will understand why we are so excited.”

“Having no consumables to monitor or replace means that end users can fix their costs for projection for five years without hidden extras,” continued Clark. “With no replacement parts needed, the level of maintenance is significantly reduced, offering a viable and sustainable option for businesses and educational establishments looking for long-term technology solutions. In addition, there is no downtime for changing lamps, providing a much more reliable solution for end users.”