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House music: invisible ergonomic audio

Patented SSP6 Multiducer technology is making a big impact in Hall 7, thanks to its ability to transform nearly any panel structure into an audio speaker.

The innovative approach to sound propagation creates a planar radiator speaker from the materials of building components. The entire wall or ceiling or window effectively becomes the speaker, creating a planar soundwave.

Drywall, wood, glass and fibreglass can all be used. The SSP6 Multiducer (multifunctional transducer) produces commercial grade sound that produced the depth and performance of up to six traditional speakers, according to the company.

Bob Katz, Revolution Acoustics CEO, said: “The reception we’ve been getting at ISE has been devastatingly great. We seem to be shifting and changing the paradigm. That’s a big statement, but the physics that we’re using are absolutely delivering that. You don’t need any sensitive equipment – your ears will tell you that something has changed.

We’re introducing ergonomic audio, changing the user experience and how people interact with sound fields.”

He added: “It’s a two-minute install. The home or building itself is given voice.”