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Hikvision offers full screen immersion

LED videowalls can be assembled to any size and for any application

Spanning a whole room, Hikvision’s videowalls are said to provide viewers with a seamlessly spliced image to immerse themselves in. With flatness ensured by the walls’ die-cast aluminium box design as well as the six-point magnetic suction structure, the gap between each unit corresponds exactly to the unit’s LED pixel pitch. This allows for 100% unified brightness between the LED modules.

Hikvision’s LED videowalls can be assembled to any size and for any application. These wall-sized screens, often found in football stadiums or on highways, can also be used wherever a large, detailed screen is required, for example where one needs to show feeds from several CCTV camera streams plus an analytics dashboard.

The walls are compatible with 1080p and 4K LED controllers and support all popular video resolutions with a 16:9 aspect ratio, achieving HD, FHD and UHD. 

Hikvision is showing the videowalls in two variations at ISE. One with a pixel pitch of 2.5 pixels, a matrix of 8×8 and resolution of 1080p and a 1.56-pixel advanced variation with a matrix of 5×5 with the same resolution. Both are connected to the Hikvision LED controller DS-D42C08H.