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High power performance set to follow speaker launch

The Performance Series of loudspeakers, capable of up to 140dB, is being launched at ISE 2015.

The company says the range was is result of three years of intense design, engineering and testing, combining Artcoustic array technology, multi-coupled sub units and high-pressure levels, as well as Danish
design principles.

Comprising a speaker and subwoofer, the Performance Series full stack is capable of 140dB. The company says it has been engineered for a diverse range of applications, such as medium to large cinema rooms, fixed installation public address systems and the demanding club stack market.

The Performance P12-6 mid-high array speaker can be used as a single sound reinforcement speaker, or mounted as multiple units with adjustable angles. The company says it is also ideal, either wall mounted or ceiling mounted, as a surround and overhead speaker in cinema applications with larger SPL requirements.

The Performance PS6 is a multi-drive unit coupled subwoofer, with high SPL and very low F3 point (at 15Hz). It can be used as a single subwoofer for typical sub-sat applications, or as a more powerful stackable solution, catering for larger cinema installations and the demanding high-output club scene and public address scenarios.

Kim Donvig, CEO of Artcoustic Loudspeakers, said: “It was important not just to create yet another loud PA speaker, but instead to combine all our knowledge from the existing Spitfire and SL Series technology, ending up with something unique.”

He continued:“We understand the importance of sensitivity and high sound pressure levels, but we have never been willing to sacrifice the true qualities typically enjoyed with lower sensitivity hifi speakers. With our unique multiple cone array technology, we bring you the best of both worlds; a very flat audio response from 15Hz to 20kHz, with extremely low distortion, guided directivity, all combined with very high sound pressure levels.”