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High-performance compact line array launched

The Aero 20A compact powered line array system has been launched by D.A.S Audio, featuring the brand new 12AN4 loudspeaker, optimised to provide high output and reliability.

The 12in speaker features a light aluminium voice coil bonded to a new fibreglass reinforced cone, an optimised magnet circuit, and a new suspension design. D.A.S claimed the 12AN4 offered exceptional performance in terms of distortion, power handling and maximum SPL. It said the voice coil venting scheme was particularly effective in dissipating voice coil heat, providing the speaker with a high thermal rating and low power compression.

High frequency response is delivered by the M-75N compression driver and new waveguide assembly developed specifically for the Aero 20A. The compression driver employs a neodymium magnet structure, a titanium diaphragm and 3in voice coil. The M-75N is attached to an injected aluminium waveguide optimised to provide high performance.

The Aero 20A is powered by a compact Class D amplifier that combines the power supply, output stage and connectors in a single chassis. The two-channel (800W and 400W) amplifier makes use of the latest in switch mode technology.

D.A.S says the 20A also incorporates the latest in digital signal processors, brick wall FIR filters and top-of-the-line A-D/D-A converters.

The line array supports remote monitoring and control by way of the DASnet audio management application, based on the RS-485 protocol.