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Helgi brand launches from Ligra

A new brand from Italian projection screen manufacturer Ligra, named Helgi, is here at ISE. Ligra has created the Helgi brand to take its projection screens, interactive flat panels and collaboration technologies to an international market.

The company is showcasing two new Helgi products, the Helgi Cobra and the Helgi Polichinelle projection screens. Luciana Guasconi, sales manager at Helgi Europe, said: “ISE is the most important show for us. It has relevance even worldwide, as partners from all over the world come here. It’s the perfect place for us to launch Helgi.

For both Cobra and Polichinelle we work with our partners on tailor-made basis per project.”

The Cobra is a motorised floor-raising product. “Normally projection screens drop down from the ceiling or are attached to a wall, but it isn’t always possible to drill holes,” says Guasconi. “Cobra is a self-standing product that goes up to 5m in width and has the flexibility to be installed anywhere, freestanding or embedded into the floor, or built into furniture.”

Polichinelle meanwhile goes up to 12m in width and down to 10m, or whatever a client requires. In a standard projection screen, the weight of the bottom bar ensures that the projection screen surface is under tension. The Polichinelle system instead has a large diameter tube positioned in the lower part of the screen to create a planar canvas suitable for large projection applications such as theatres, auditoriums, congress centres and museums, working through a system of steel ropes and pulleys.

Stand: 14-M150