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Hearing is believing

A ceiling microphone array that sounds as if users are wearing a lavalier; sounds too good to be true. But that’s the promise of Shure’s new model Microflex Advance Networked Array which visitors can test for themselves in Hall 3.

“It is unprecedented that audio from a ceiling mic sounds as if the user is wearing a lav but that’s what people tell us,” reports Chris Merrick, Snr Director Global Marketing, Integrated Systems, Shure. “Everyone is welcome to hear what the MXA920 sounds like for themselves as well as see how it can be controlled.”

When Shure launched the MXA910 in 2016 it became the flagship ceiling array in the industry – all but creating the category. It is installed in tens of thousands of premium meeting spaces around the world.

“To change that is quite a significant move for the industry as much as for Shure,” says Merrick. “It would be easy to sit back and stay with what is the best-selling product in the market. Instead, we’ve evolved the microphone technology, what we can do with software as well as how it operates to deliver a next-gen product. It may look the same as the 910, but internally it’s wholly new solution.

Merrick explains that Shure have made the kit easier to deploy. “You don’t need to be a well-trained engineer to get the best out of it. With the 920 you can literally hook it up, power it up and it is ready to go with powerful coverage with no tweaking.”