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Giving videowall users personal workplace control

The new PersonalWorkplace-Controller is a multi-viewing tool that “allows you to display multiple video inputs [up to 26] on one large screen”, said Jessica Lange, marketing director, Guntermann & Drunck. There are two versions aimed at KVM operation and a third for managing videowalls.

“We are mainly focusing on control rooms, which often have different operators working on large videowalls,” she added. “Videowalls are becoming more important for us to allow control rooms to maximise flexibility.”

The PersonalWorkplace-Controller also makes it possible to display consoles via streams on various devices, such as a laptop or tablet.

Guntermann & Drunck is sponsoring today’s Control Room Summit at ISE, because “most of these applications benefit from using KVM”, to allow users to simultaneously operate several computers remotely via a single console, according to Lange.