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GhosT-OLED in new guise

With a focus on promising media technologies, SOLUTIONS4AV – which is part of Lang – works in close co-operation with customers to develop new approaches and opportunities.

“The specific requirements and our years of experience, paired with technical know-how, allow for future-orientated implementation, and let us develop products which will remain truly unique in this form,“ said Tobias Schwirten, director of SOLUTIONS4AV.

An example of a SOLUTIONS4AV-developed product is the GhosT-OLED, which enables not only image presentation but also the transparency to allow objects placed behind the screen to be seen, enabling the incorporation of real objects into the displayed image. This, says the company, is particularly useful for eye-catching exhibits at fairs, in museums or for retail displays in sales areas. OLED displays, it points out, are self-illuminated and do not require a backlight, while the image reproduction quality of OLED, especially the excellent colour contrast, is a real strength of the technology.

The GhosT-OLED can be optionally equipped with primeTOUCH, and at ISE 2017 Lang is presenting a further development of GhosT application in the form of a 3×2 Wall GhosT with primeTOUCH.
Stand: 1-H60