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Get intouch with multi-touch monitors

Pro Display’s new intouch division uses both infrared and projected capacitive multi-point touch technologies on a wide variety of screen formats, including frame kits that can be retro-fitted to older non-touch monitors in sizes from 32 to 98in to extend the usefulness of older screens.

The company is also introducing an interactive 65in multi-touch monitor, which it claims offers outstanding performance and affordability; capacitive multi-touch projection foils that turn glass into a touchscreen display, in diagonal sizes from 10 to 85in, for creating new interactive applications using existing clear surfaces; and large-format multi-touch digital glass in sizes up to 6m x 2m, designed for ultra-short throw rear projection and offering a seamless alternative to videowalls.

Early customers include household names such as Sky Sports News (where it is being used for in-vision reporting), Hugo Boss and the Tower of London.

“With the growth of touchscreen phones and tablets, we all expect to interact more with the images we see. Our new intouch range realises that vision of fully immersive, multi-touch screens, even on large scales,” said Pro Display sales manager, Ben Kershaw.

“The applications for intouch are limited only by creativity, with interest coming from all corners, including education, corporate offices, retail outlets, public attractions, TV production and broadcast, exhibitions and performance events.”