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Opticomm-EMCORE: Genesis XD switches to 4K and beyond

The Genesis XD multimedia matrix switch for small-to-large enterprise connectivity applications from Emcore is designed as a modular, non-blocking, full cross-point matrix switch that is scalable from 8 x 8 to 256 x 256 for seamless connectivity to one or many displays.

It promises uninterrupted, trouble-free operation for critical applications and accepts and converts both analogue and digital signals, including HDMI 1.4b with HDCP, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, component and 3G HD-SDI.

These signals can be transmitted to remote locations via single-mode or multimode fibre, CatX/HDBaseT or IP/Ethernet. GXD’s 40Gbps backplane accommodates uncompressed Ultra-HD resolutions now and 8K resolutions in future.

Other features include: the ability to break-away and switch audio separately, embed and de-embed audio into digital video signals, and preview any connected video source on the front touchscreen panel, eliminating the need for a local and dedicated monitor.

The Genesis XD and supporting Gbox product line “are significant breakthroughs towards delivering an entire product portfolio for ultra-high-resolution digital media distribution applications,” said Henok Tafese, senior director of business development.

The new Gbox Series throw-down box transmitters and receivers for uncompressed video, audio and data transmission over fibre, CatX and IP, are compatible with Genesis for multipoint applications.