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FUN conference mic from BXB

A square conference microphone, the FUN series, has been introduced by BXB Electronics. With a name reminiscent of the Chinese word ‘fung’, meaning square, the FUN microphone offers precise voice control to auto-on and off the microphone when it recognises the speaker’s voice and to ensure the on-off function isn’t affected by surrounding speakers or applause.

The FUN microphone can also detect the speaker’s talking volume and auto-adjust the microphone’s sensitivity accordingly. Participants can be assigned identities, such as chairman, to make the meeting more flexible.

The main control unit of the microphone is equipped with a USB port to enable the operation of graphic control software and to achieve two-way audio transmission. Skype, handouts and other messaging software can be integrated without the need for a driver inside the main control unit.

Stand: 2-E70

BXB Electronics