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Full UHD resolution signal tester

The TT-KIT-4K is a new signal testing system from Wyrestorm, comprising the TT-GEN-4K UHD 4K HDMI timing signal generator and the TT-SIG-4K UHD 4K HDMI source signal analyser. It supports all resolutions up to full UHD/4K.

The TT-GEN-4K generator uses internal software and a 1in display to set timing, including resolution, refresh rates or scan types and sync polarity, as well as pattern type used to test colour, gradient, detail, motion and 3D.

Signal types, colour space and depth can also be set. Audio types up to 8.1 can be tested using a 3.5mm jack input, with audio capable of being embedded over the image. There is also an EDID setting to read, store and recall EDID codes.

The TT-SIG-4K UHD 4K HDMI analyser is able to test timing at the display location by displaying data of incoming signals to ensure it matches what is being transmitted.

Video is displayed on the 2in OLED screen. In terms of EDID, the unit can mimic any TV, screen, or projector by storing its EDID for the integrator to recall anywhere to test an installation without needing to have any screens on site.

It also features a ‘monitor’ function that can be used to test a signal over a defined period of time.

The TT-GEN-4K will be shipping in Q2 of 2015.