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Fresh ideas for videoconferencing

Four of the latest videoconferencing software and hardware solutions from TrueConf are being demoed in Hall 11 here at ISE.

They include the SDK solution for third parties, TrueConf for Android, a 4K video call feature that’s now a built-in feature of TrueConf’s Windows app, and a free ‘people tracking’ TrueConfTracker software that’s compatible with systems such as Skype for Business and Zoom. Three out of these four have been developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, Logitech and Phoenix Audio Technologies.

TrueConf marketing director Lev Yakupov told the ISE Daily: “Our SDK provides a solution that enables other companies to integrate video conferencing into third party applications, such as ATM machines, video kiosks or websites.”

He added: “Together with NVIDIA, we wrote a new application for Android TV, which is now fully compatible with video conferencing cameras and speakerphones.

“This application supports point-to-point calls and multi-point video calls as well.”

A TrueConf collaboration with Logitech has resulted in a 4K video call solution using a Logitech Brio camera. Yakupov explained: “We believe that 4K will replace Full HD resolution for video conferences very soon because there are no technical barriers left.”