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TrueConf: Freemium model comes to enterprise UC

Free is most people’s favourite payment model, which is why TrueConf is introducing what it describes as the world’s first free, enterprise-orientated unified communications system.

TrueConf Server Free is a licence for the TrueConf Server and provides conferences for up to six participants with access to all group conferencing modes in resolutions up to Ultra HD. Participants can use client applications for all popular platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS), collaboration tools (including instant messaging, whiteboard, conference recording, file transfer, and presence), can conduct WebRTC-based conferences, and can also integrate their new system with existing VoIP and AV equipment.

“The enterprise segment can show a lot of successful examples of the implementation of the paywall business model, where the product is free to a certain extent. For example, we all know Dropbox, Avast and WordPress,” said Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. Inspired by these examples, “we have decided to be the first to implement this business model in the videoconferencing market. We believe that this can make videoconferencing more popular, and will help to increase business process effectiveness.”

It offers companies free, secure videoconferencing independent from external factors, provided in the form of on-premises solutions, and not a cloud service. Although there are existing free videoconferencing services,

TrueConf claims they “are not capable of providing the desired level of security and cannot fulfil the specific needs of business users.”
More than six participants can be added for a fee.