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Flying Screens to launch flexible LED panels

An innovative technology for manufacturing LED panels which allows attributes such as ultra-light weight, slim profiles and high flexibility, is being launched at the Flying Screens stand.

The company’s flexible LED modules can be combined to create custom-size screens which can be installed in unconventional locations such as on curved surfaces. The company claims the technology allows design and features which are currently impossible to reach with traditional LED panels.

The sheet form factor displays combine the light weight of printed vinyl billboards with the advantages of LED displays, says the company. It offers a simple procedure for the transformation of any surface into a large-scale LED display without having to incorporate large mechanical supporting structures. A complete LED display is implemented into a single printed circuit board. The resulting ultra-thin LED displays provide optimum volume to surface ratio, maximising heat dissipation by natural convection – no fans or any other moving parts are required.

Stand: 9-D127