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Flexible friend for high speed networks

The BCT65S, a high-speed network cable that combines great flexibility with a sturdy feel is being showcased. It features a HighFlex outer jacket, which is specifically designed for professional use in highly demanding applications.

The flexible but strong PVC jacket provides great and easy pulling capabilities to guide the cable through a truss or around a corner, even after numerous instances of winding and unwinding, according to the Belgian company.

The conductor section of the BCT65S consists of four pairs with solid 24 AWG conductors, which that are individually shielded by an aluminium foil, while the entire section is surrounded by an overall braiding. Due to the double shielding, better performance in terms of crosstalk and system noise is achieved.

This results in a higher bandwidth and improved immunity against noise and interference caused by external devices, according to Procab.

The Cat6A cable can handle network speeds up to 10Gbps (1,0000Mbps at 500MHz) bridging distances up to 100m.

The BCT65S is available in bulk or pre-fitted on a cable reel (PRX656) with lengths of 50m, 70m and 90m.
Stand: 7-N190