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AptoVision: First AVB chipset for uncompressed AV distribution

The new BlueRiver NT chipset from AptoVision is claimed to be the world’s first to take advantage of Ethernet Audio-Video Bridging protocol for uncompressed AV signal distribution over 10GbE switches.

It also delivers a complete end-to-end solution for professional AV applications requiring long-distance transmission and switching of 4K HDMI video, analogue and digital audio, RS-232, IR, GbE and USB signals with plug-and-play interoperable operation between device types, signal types and video resolutions.

“Ethernet-based platforms are poised to replace pro-AV networks which currently rely on custom switching equipment,” said Kamran Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of AptoVision. “By delivering an end-to-end AVB-capable chipset supporting all pro-AV requirements, AptoVision is leading the way in bringing the disruptive power of Ethernet to pro-AV applications.”

In installations requiring traffic shaping and bandwidth reservation, AVB enables a platform where uncompressed video data and non-video data can be transmitted over a LAN environment with predictable performance.

The chipset is designed to be integrated into source-side AV transmitters and display-side AV receivers, and transmits uncompressed Ultra HD (4K) HDMI-video, 32 channels of audio, USB 2.0i and useful control signals over fibre or 100m CatX cabling using a packet-based architecture allowing the signals to be extended and switched through standard 10GbE switches. Proprietary technology handles arbitration, source clock recovery, bandwidth management and network configuration, and ensures real-time, pixel-for-pixel, zero-frame latency transmission.

The BlueRiver NT technology also supports real-time compositing for multi-view and videowall applications.