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First 6-in-1 Huawei huddle room endpoint

Described by the company as the world’s first ‘6-in-1’ huddle room cloud video endpoint, Huawei is showcasing the TE10 at ISE. The TE10 is cloud-based – it can connect to a wide range of third-party cloud platforms – and supports high definition audio and video communication.

The all-in-one device is said to be differentiated from traditional videoconferencing devices in that it integrates the HD camera, codec, microphone, speaker, WiFi/Bluetooth module and foldable bracket. The TE10 is 9cm x 9cm x 9cm and weighs 500g, consuming 8W of power. It runs on the Android operating system and provides an interface that can be operated remotely.

The camera supports not only high resolution, but is also ultra-wide angle, and features flexible zoom. It also embeds a microphone array with a sound pickup range of 6m. In terms of network performance, the TE10 supports 20% packet loss concealment (PLC).

“Cloud-based video communication is undergoing an exciting phase of development,” said Wang Xiangjiong, general manager of the Telepresence Field under the Cloud Core Network Product Line. “With demand growing rapidly, the Huawei TE10 will make HD video communication available for everyone, helping users reach higher working efficiency and service innovations.”

Stand: 11-C110