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Fine pitch LED display drivers

A number of drivers have been launched by Macroblock to solve the challenges linked to the rising use of fine pitch LED displays to replace indoor displays, including lower ghosting, dim line at first scan line, uneven brightness, colour shift, gradient dim line and cross effect caused by LED failure.

Macroblock’s new LED display drivers (MBI5151/5152/5153) replace the LCD videowall or DLP projection as fine pitch LED displays combined with the series are said to deliver superior image quality without bezel distraction or ambient light adjustment.

In TV studio applications, the series provides high grayscale and refresh rate, which enables photographers to capture live and clear images without having to set shutter speed to adapt to the display refresh rate.

In central control room applications, the units provide reliable transmission with high grayscale images, and fine pitch displays allow users to lay out multi-screens in different sizes flexibly. Fine pitch LED displays combined with the MBI515X series are also said to be useful in rental and staging applications for better audience interaction.