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Fear the virtually dead

Never has the threat of having to save ISE from a zombie apocalypse been more real than in the Immersive Technology Zone, presented by experiential designers Holovis. An EVISION 8500 Digital Projection projector displays a variety of content that, when experienced through a mobile device, unveils a hidden augmented reality experiential layer.

All content has been created by the Holovis Media and software development teams to showcase how AR can be utilised by any business to gamify and evolve their own hidden narratives and the positive impacts this can have.

In the case of the zombies, passersby are invited to grab a device and join in the gameplay, technologically showcasing the interactive networked capabilities within AR, with the application demonstrating how any passive scenario can be transformed into a rich form of entertainment.

Queue lines in theme parks are a great example, with the engaging AR content used to alleviate boredom, support wider ecosystems by taking people on a physical journey to food & beverage or merchandise stores and extending the guest experience through the story being told, encouraging repeat visits.

Anything can be transformed into a fiducial marker, which is a trigger for AR, from printed graphics to the dashboard of a car and rollercoaster structures.

Holovis has worked with Jaguar Land Rover to create iGuide, an AR app that when held above the dashboard explains all the need-to-know features and controls of the All-New Discovery.

This doubles as an owner’s manual, ensuring people have the answer to every question at their fingertips. This is just one of the business applications being showcased in larger-than-life form on the AR wall.

The Immersive Technology Zone is located in the Park Foyer, outside Hall 8