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Murraypro: Fast as a multimeter A+V tester

The Test Chest 3G is a versatile hand-held, touch-controlled multi-function AV tester that Murraypro claims “is blazingly fast to operate too, and often many tests have actually been completed within the period that other checkers take just to boot up”.

The company has a broadcast TV background, and the compact tester combines generation, measurement and analysis over CVBS to 3G SDI, with analogue, SPDIF, AES and embedded
audio capability.

In its Which-Wire? mode, Test Chest 3G automatically detects the presence of an input signal, powers up, switching the LCD to waveform or TV monitor while displaying the detected signal format on a banner, with the sound presented on stereo speakers (together with LCD metering if the source is audio only). What’s more, it promises to deliver this in about one second, making it useful for identifying cables in cramped conditions behind a bay, where its built-in LED torch assists reading idents under difficult conditions.

Murraypro believes the unit’s TDR cable test will be of particular interest to ISE visitors, as “TDR has a proven track record for detecting faults, and is just as at home on a bench or in the field accurately detecting quite small coax cable anomalies up to 180m distant, instantly determining whether the line is terminated correctly.”