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EYE in the sky

The latest addition to Wolfvision’s EYE range, the EYE-14, is described as a powerful imaging solution which builds on the success of previous models. The EYE-14 can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, or alternatively integrated into a suspended ceiling. It is also said to be easily mounted onto a tripod, pan-tilt-zoom mount or wall mount designed for video, room or surveillance cameras.

The EYE-14 offers on-board HD video capture, enabling the recording of complete presentations and lectures, and a centre laser marker which remains invisible onscreen and marks the centre of the working surface, enabling easy positioning of objects.

Using a dry-erase working surface with an EYE-14 gives additional freedom to present ideas visually to both small and large groups, according to WolfVision, because handwritten material can be easily displayed. Videos can be saved to the 8GB internal memory or to additional USB sticks or external hard drives as required.

Adding the optional BYOD Pack upgrade enables wireless connectivity and allows WolfVision’s new vSolution Connect for iPad software to be used with this camera system.

Syncing an iPad wirelessly with the EYE-14 enables it to be used as a multimedia control dashboard, and in addition to the display of ‘live’ material, all media types can be easily integrated into a presentation or lecture and controlled via the iPad. Material stored either on iPad or in Dropbox can be displayed, and users can also record entire presentations, and save them directly to the iPad’s internal memory.