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Extending and switching reality signals

At ISE 2018, IHSE is introducing a solution to extend and switch immersive reality signals over long distances – up to 80km – using its Draco KVM systems.

IHSE’s Draco KVM solutions allow high-performance computers for VR/AR systems, CAVEs and large LED walls to be located at a remote distance – using a single CatX or fibre connection. This should add convenience, security and the simplified set-up of immersive reality installations.

Adding a Draco KVM matrix switch enables users to switch multiple VR/AR headsets in different locations to centralised high-performance computers located in a secure room.

This eliminates the need to locate expensive PC hardware equipment close to users or to buy multiple high-performance computers. Redundancy options for mission critical systems are also available.

Manuel Greisinger, head of sales, IHSE, explained: “For VR/AR headsets to provide a smooth user experience, graphics latency and head tracking delay must be extremely low.

“Our extension and switching solutions guarantee a round-trip video processing delay of less than five milliseconds. Meeting these requirements is mandatory to avoid motion sickness and nausea and to extend signals with maximum performance and robustness.”