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Extending conferencing for Linux and Windows with TrueConf

TrueConf for Linux now offers videoconferencing for all popular distributions of the operating system. The company has also updated its Windows version to support desktop and other applications capture and sharing.

TrueConf applications were previously available for Debian and Ubuntu versions of Linux, but it now also supports CentOS, Fedora and openSUSE.

The new TrueConf for Linux 1.0.5 also introduces many new features and tools, such as increasing the number of possible simultaneous participants from 16 to 25. Users will now find placing calls, using instant messaging and accessing profiles are easier, with Address Book and Call History features fully supported, as is Desktop Sharing.

The growing popularity of Linux is “creating a demand for compatible videoconferencing products”, said Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. “Taking into account that Microsoft changes support conditions for different distributions of Skype for different operating systems, it is reasonable to wonder if there still will be an available version of this software for Linux. Right now we provide not just a substitute for Skype, but a fully functional enterprise videoconferencing system.”

TrueConf for Windows 6.5.0 has been upgraded to support desktop and other applications capture and sharing. A new interface and avatar support makes it more user-friendly and socially oriented.

Users can now share any application running on a computer as a live video stream, which allows broadcasting documents, media files or complicated 3D models to any videoconferencing endpoint. For bandwidth efficiency the content is adapted to the resolution of the endpoint devices.