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Experts link up for interactive stream

(L-R): Hartmut Kulessa, Mike Blackman and Jan Markus Jahn on Panasonic’s virtual stage

Panasonic is hosting a multi-platform, interactive live stream at ISE today where industry experts will hold forth on important industry topics, with plenty of opportunities to question the speakers. Those taking part include Mike Blackman, managing director, integrated systems Europe; Simon Kentish, CEO, Frameless UK; Jan Markus Jahn, head of media entertainment and Hartmut Kulessa, senior manager marketing visual, both Panasonic Connect Europe.

The event will be on the Panasonic Connect channel at 5pm (CET) on YouTube (–V7io) and LinkedIn (

“IP-based transport of audio, video and associated data offer a lot of benefits for the AV industry, e.g. scalability to support any video and audio formats with multi-channel distribution over LAN/WAN and cloud. It will be the foundation for new business models too,” says Jahn. “Still, we are facing many challenges, such as robustness, network management, network security and interoperability between manufacturers, but in the long run it will entirely replace today’s infrastructure.”

Panasonic is showing fully IP-based production from recording to content visualisation, with its IT/IP-based Kairos platform at the centre of the workflow. 

Frameless is a new digital immersive attraction in London, offering a “multi-dimensional art experience”. It “is receiving rave reviews and uses more than 50 Panasonic high-brightness projectors to recreate some of our greatest artists’ works in astonishing ways,” states Kentish, who will be talking about how Frameless built the state-of-the-art immersive experience.

“Panasonic’s virtual stage is part of one of the main themes of the show, so I expect we will talk a lot about that,” adds Blackman.

Stand number: Stand: 3J500